Wildlife Camera

I've programmed a wildlife camera and built a case with my family.
The front end is, as always, made with NextJS and React. The back end, however, is using Python. On the inside of the case I have fixed a Raspberry Pi running Python code that checks for movement using the motion sensor (gray, round shape on the bottom). Images are captured quickly after the motion sensor is triggered and, once there's a working connection to my server over a WLAN Hotspot from a phone, uploaded to my server. There are two LEDs that indicate whether the connection is established and images are being uploaded. In case of a server error, one of the LEDs blinks.

Images are sent entirely using Python's socket module. It turned out to be an interesting experiment to implement that on a lower level. When the images arrive on the server, an API route adds the image to a MySQL Database using Prisma.

I am excited to see it do its work soon when I will hand it over to an acquainted. There's always the matter of the weather, and it would be pleasing if the components live for an acceptable time. Actually, I'm fairly confident our arrangements are sufficient and the SD Card might be the first thing to die. I've got a backup :)

Wildlife Camera front view